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October 2015

Why Choose Display Design?


With so many marketing companies, advertising companies and job shops out there, why choose Display Design? The answer is easy: One-Stop Shopping. What does it mean you may ask? In a nut shell- no more worries! Who wants to worry that once the marketing/advertising company finishes the design, it's now your responibility to get it produced? Then the job shop, that you're now in the middle of, tells you it can't be produced because the marketing/advertising company designed an illusion. Well, at Display Design, it's all done under one roof from design, manufacturing, project management and shipping.  We may have a few tricks up our sleeve, but no illusions. All you need to do is make one phone call, then sit back and relax.


The process is quite simple: give us a call, email or stop in to discuss a project. We'll even work with your napkin sketches as miracles are possible. Our design team will turn your "pie-in-the-sky" ideas into 3D color renderings that almost look real. Once you're happy with the design on paper (oops- meant to say email), we'll then take it to the next step- a prototype sample. We have a prototype shop with dedicated equipment just waiting to work on your project. We can make a quick prototype for your review or even a full working display to test in a store.


The next part of the journey is production. We're able to turn quotes around quickly because we produce your displays in house. We have a 100,000 sq ft facility with all kinds of equipment and processes with some wonderful people ready to bring your display to life. A question? You'll contact your internal assigned project manager, and he or she will be able to walk out on the production floor and get the answer immediately. There's nothing better then getting the answer from the horse's mouth.


Logistics is not a problem, as we'll work with your shipping department directly to get your displays to where they need to go. We can ship direct to your warehouse or even individually drop ship to the store.

On a side note, in reference to shipping, why does a SHIPment deliver by land and CARgo delivery by sea? We just can't figure that one out.


Please give us a call at 215-856-9177 or shoot us an email at and we'll show you how easy One-Stop Shopping really is. You won't have to worry anymore about whether the left hand is indeed talking to the right hand.

OCT 2015
Display Design  [ Dəˈsplā  Dəˈzīn ]  noun :  a Point of Purchase display manufacturer that offers unsurpassed One-Stop Shopping.  Used in a sentence: "For my next project, I am definitely going to contact Display Design".

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JAN 2016

January 2016

Got Samples?


If you have not had a chance to visit our Instagram site, we're posting photos and details of innovative sampling techniques. We have quite a few tricks and we'll be showing them from time to time. All sampling is custom, meaning we can produce custom sizes, shapes and in different thicknesses. Our techniques allow us to produce small to large quantities with consistency. Some of the types of sampling would require years of aging, fading and discoloring in the real world, but here at the Display Design Magic Shop, we can produce these samples in record time!


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